Quality Management


Reko Korrosionsschutz (Corrosion protection) guarantees the highest quality of the applied materials and executed services. The entire process of an order, commencing with the planning and ending with the acceptance, is constantly monitored. Based on this quality management, Reko offers an "All-round care-free package" for industrial corrosion protection.


A respective Quality Management System has been a comprehensive component of our work for many years. Our corporate goal since our foundation has been the protection of the environment and firmly installed in the principles of our work.


The products themselves as well as their manufacturing and processing are based on the concept of the environmental protection aspect.

Corrosion protection work in smoke gas desulfurisation plants (REA) are part of the daily business of Reko Korrosionsschutz GmbH.


The rubber lining and coating of absorbers, containers and/or ducts, the acid-resistant brick-lining of ground areas, specific, tailor-made solutions for the brick-lining of pipe gas entries are elementary components of our portfolio.


Naturally, we are also the right contact for revision and maintenance works. All these tasks are principally executed by our highly qualified specialists.